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[Oneshot] You Are… — HyeKim

  You Are…   

  Lu Han & OC`s Kim Hyerim  

 Supported by Actor Park Seojoon, OC`s Wu Lian, EXO`s Byun Baekhyun, ex-Hello Venus`s Shin Yoonjo, EXO`s Oh Sehun

  Story with Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Slice of Life, AU rated by Teens  type in Oneshot

`Dirimu hanyalah sosok semu yang sukar kugapai, hingga kubang takdir menemukan kita berdua secara kebetulan dengan cinta lama yang masih mengering namun tertimpa cinta baru yang terlanjur digenggam. Hanya itu definisi Kim Hyerim untuk seorang Luhan`

Disclaim: This is a work of fiction. Every real ones belong to their real life and every fake ones belong to their fake appearance. Any similarity of plot, character, location are just accidentally. All cast belong to God, their parents, and their agency. But the storyline is mine. Plagiarism, copy-paste without permission, and be a silent readers  are prohibited.

Even if you leave me like the passing wind
Even if goodbye becomes a painful word
I won’t regret you like a fool
Cause you’re my destiny
[ OMG`s Seunghee – You Are (ost.Temperature of Love) ]

© 2017 Storyline by HyeKim

Inspiration from : 70% my real story, Seunghee – You Are (ost.Temperature of Love), and my broken heart.

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