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[CHANYEOL BIRTHDAY PROJECT] Kebodohan – selviakim



selviakim storyline


Drama, hurt, angst, sad.

“Kebodohanku yang masih tidak bisa merelakanmu.”


I own the plot.

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[EXOFFI 5th Birthday] HIDDEN MOON story by IRISH


Starring by:

Ahra x Suho — Reen x Xiumin — Chellynne x Jongin — Yara x Chanyeol

— Crime x Dark x Psychology x Suspense — PG-17 (suitable for 15+ readers) — Ficlet Mix —

“I never belonged anywhere until I met you.” — Ann Aguirre, Enclave


Storyline and art created by IRISH. OC(s) included on these stories belongs to: AYUSHAFIRAA; anneandreas; Gxchoxpie, shaekiran. Do not copy paste my story without my permission, if you do then you comitted a crime. This story dedicated for EXO Fanfiction Indonesia’s 5th Anniversary.

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