Snowlhouette [Chapter 2]


I’m walking barefoot through the memories
With the fallen leaves
I’m letting go of the people I haven’t been able to forget

 ||Length: Chapter | Rating: PG-15 |  Genre: Fantasy, Friendship, Romance||
||Main Cast: Luhan, Chanyeol, OC, Sehun, and others||

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I Tried

i tried

All day long I only think of your face
I want to see you
I am not caught in all of these different hands
Occasionally I see a day like this
A smile comes into your features
And I don’t know what I like, I want to speak


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Shadow [Chapter 8]

shadow cover


My small playground that was my everything in my young world
My own world in the old photos
The wonderland in my memories that I dreamed of and played in

Now I’m an adult so will you be my shadow now?
I want to stay by your side and run around



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Fall in Fail [1/2]

FF Request dari @Anita_Febriany, owner saykoreanfanfiction .

note buat kak anita : Huaaa aku minta maaf T.T aku salah baca, Kris jadi Luhan dan sebaliknya-_,- . Mian ne /bow/ terus aku udah usaha bikin cerita ini jadi oneshoot tapi malah jadi very very longshoot dan jadi gak enak dibaca, pada akhirnya, aku jadiin twoshoot + Epilog :< mohon ampun kakak. Maafkan segala dosaku huhu. anyway~~ ini FFnya~ semoga suka yea~



||Main Cast :Luhan, Han Ji Eul (OC), Tao ||
||Other Cast : Kris, Park Jung Min (SS501), Kim Jae Joong (JYJ) ||
||Genre : School life, romance, bit angst||
||Length : Twoshoot + Epilog|| Rating: M/NC17 ||

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