《lil me》
who am i?
sinhyo is a kiddo, crazy, and noisy. i’m moslem and extraordinary a fangril that can’t shut her mouth even in one second /jokes/ i live in the maze, we’re you can find a hot second command newtie cutie my bae. i was bad at photoshop but its my hobby than just enjoy what i shown to you, i’ll accept review btw it’ll be somuch helpfull.. i’ll also write fiction and that was horibble but its also my hobby so if u dont mind please review my fic, cause hell yeah i’m seriously not good at that part. love ya babe wait for ur review for mehhhh ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
       Enyoy ur day babe!
author : leesinhyo
call me : sinhyo or nae
inspiration : you
born : 14 oct 2002
my bae: thomas sangster he’s mine, got it?

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